Observing activities

The Satellite Geodetic Observatory and its vicinity are perfectly suited for installing geophysical eqipment and sensors. In collaboration with our partner institutions, we maintain and develop a complex geodynamic station with GNSS, absolute gravimetric, PS-InSAR, seismological, meteorological measurements and lightning detection.

Permanent GNSS station
The permanent GPS (later GNSS) site in the Observatory has been operational since 1996. Our station PENC is included in the global (IGS), regional (EPN) and national (GNSSnet.hu) networks.

An essential part of a complex geodynamic measurement site is a meteorological station.

Our observatory is included in the network of Hungarian seismological stations. A real-time short-period 3-component seismometer is installed here.

Satellite radar
One of the newest geodynamic measurement techniques, the Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR), is very promising for geodetic, as well as for geophysical and geological applications.

The analysis of the repeated g-measurements at the site give information about the height variations and the physical processes behind.

Lightning detection
The detailed study of the lightnings in the troposphere is an important research topic.

Time service
The accurate timing based on atomic oscillations is essential for geodetic and geodynamic measurements.