We have established an active GNSS network to provide the geometric reference for the whole country. This network makes it possible to perform reference measurements and serves the users of satellite-based positioning with real-time DGPS, RTK and Network RTK corrections. We maintain a calibration laboratory for geodetic measurement equipment. The coordinates and descriptions of the points of the National GPS Network established by the SGO are available through the county land offices and through the central data service of our host institute (FÖMI). The SGO produces the Hungarian geoid solution that is also available for the users. We developed and published a software tool (EHT) to help GNSS users by providing accurate transformations between the GNSS and traditional coordinate systems. The real-time version of the transformation software (VITEL) is built in to several GNSS receivers.

GNSS Service Centre
The Active GNSS Network allows the users to achieve cm-accuracy positionig, anywhere in the country.

Calibration Laboratory
Services of the K-GEO laboratory: calibration of electronic distance measurement (EDM) instruments and GNSS receivers.

National GPS Network
The network is the first level of the national GNSS infrastructure.

The GNSS measurements are referred to the geocentric ETRS89 (in Hungarian relations: OGPSH) system. For the practical domestic surveying and mapping works, the local HD72 coordinate system is used.

For height determination using the GPS technique, it is necessary to accurately know the geoid.